How To Pick Your Main Thing, aka Niche

Sweet Spot Formula

Learning how to “niche down” and find what your “Sweet Spot” is tends to be difficult, specially for many entrepreneurs, like many of us we tend to like many things and we are reasonably good at many of those things.  But peeling away the layers to get to the core of what we want to focus on and find what Continue reading

Gustav Andersson The Modern Nomad

Gustav Modern Nomad

Meet Gustav, born in Ljungby, Sweden, lived in London where he studied Computing at Imperial College, then he went on to work for UBS, “one of those big evil banks everybody hates these days” as he states. There he started as a coder and work his way up to IT manager. After working the 9-5 cubicle job for five years, Continue reading

On The Road Again…

Road Trip

Back in the year 1999 I took my family on a one year road trip that lasted almost two year, and it was the best time we’ve ever had. We still travel today, but we always talk about those days.  So, tell us about your road trips.  Either comment below or tweet it using the #hashtags below. [View the story Continue reading

Oneika the Traveller on Teaching Around the World

Onieka in India

I want to thank Nomadic Matt (Mathew Kepnes) for the awesome interview that he did on Oneika (pronounced oh-KNEE-kah) the Traveler. She is a Canadian Expat from Jamaican descent that grew up in Toronto and have been over 68 countries and counting. Oneika is a gal in her early thirties who has an intense passion for travel, culture, and language. Continue reading

Cody McKibben the Digital Nomad

Coddy in Thailand

Originally from Sacramento, California, Cody is now living the internet lifestyle, working remotely from a number of different locations, living the location independent lifestyle, and consulting and mentoring on anything from social media to web design and development. Today he is the Dean at Digital Nomad Academy and run his blog, Thrilling Heroics. In his own words Cody’s mission is “to Continue reading

Do You Suffer From the Super Hero Syndrome?

Launch of Chris Duckers' Virtual Freedom Book

What is the “Super Hero Syndrome?” It is that stage as an entrepreneur that makes you think that you can “Do It” all – You can start and run your biz or your digital nomad life all by yourself.  I know some of you still in that stage, I’ve been there myself!   Well, if you haven’t figure it out Continue reading

Nora Dunn the Professional Hobo

Nora Dunn

Nora is a freelance writer and contributor to many blogs such as Credit Walk, Wise Bread, My Care One Community, Transition Abroad, Vagabondish, and many more. She freelance on the topics of personal finance, travel, and lifestyle design. In addition to freelance writting she also is a public speaker and professional actor/singer/dancer. She is a financial planner and on her Continue reading

How Do You Start Vagabonding?

Vagabond Elmer

I can’t tell you how many time a get ask this question??? …And the answer is simple, Start Working From Home!  Literally, you start at home. To start vagabonding you need to follow three simple steps; 1) Create a lifestyle design blueprint, 2) Learn how to work from home, and 3) Just Do It! This is going to be short, Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Meditation

Quick Guide to Meditation

Most people find this subject to be sort of esoteric and controversial, but let me tell you, I found it to be very dynamic and powerful in my life. Meditation is part of Self-reliance, simple, but yet super dynamic and the results are spectacular. You can use meditation as a tool to help with health issues or just to to Continue reading