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Great Infographic Application From time to time we like to spice things up and find new ways and new applications that will help us deliver our message to the vagabond lifestyles community. While making some changes to our content delivery system, I found this great LinkedIn infographic application from SlideShare. This application allows me to see my own journey as Continue reading

Should You Bring All Your Gadget When Traveling?

What electronic gadgets should you bring when traveling?

As part of a series of blog post about traveling and travel hacking, one question that always consumes us as travelers is the question of how many gadget(s) ( and by that I mean, electronic equipment) should I bring on the trip? To Gadget or Not To Gadget… Ohhh, that’s the quest? As a Digital Nomad packing the right amount Continue reading

Are You Using Facebook Graph Search 4 Ur Biz?

Facebook Graph Search and why it is so important to your business

If you’ve been on Facebook for sometimes, you should know…actually you must know that “Facebook Graph Search” is one of the most used tools to find just about anything on Facebook. What is Facebook Graph Search Right now, Graph Search is another in a long line of Facebook features designed to suck up your time and productivity.  Even though more Continue reading

My Favorite Vagabonding Sites

Links to my favorite Vagabonding Sites!

Our Vagabonding Essence If you’ve been following for sometime you will realize that our vagabonding community is made up of those who are  already living the vagabond lifestyle and those who want to transition into this lifestyle.  For some people this represents the life of a “Digital Nomad, Lifestyle Designers, Location Independent, Novo Rich, Vagabond Living, Vagabonding, Nomadic Lifestyle, Suitcase Entrepreneur, Continue reading

Which Is Your Travel Tribe?

Things have definitely changed in technological advances but also in the in consumer behavior, particularly in the area of travel - Lifestyle Design.

The always changing world of travel. As you probably know things have definitely changed and not only in technological advances but also in the economic and political landscape, and more importantly in consumer behavior, particularly in the area of travel.  Must definitely a conscious or un-conscious “Lifestyle Design”.  Tribal Travelers. This changes are noted in a recent article “Capturing consumer Continue reading

Should You Consider Visiting Tenerife?

Visit San Andres in the island of Tenerife

As a Digital Nomad, we travel the world with the intent to discover interesting countries and new cultures.  We do that while working digitally from just about anywhere while sustaining our lifestyle. For us the freedom of working and traveling to the most remote, beautiful and peculiar places on Earth is what define us and our lifestyle design. So why we should Continue reading

Are you a Hard-worker or a Workaholic?

Hardwork vs. Workaholic, the battle is on

Hard work vs. Workaholism So what’s the difference between hard work and workaholism. Is there such a thing as Work-Life-Balance?  Hard work is not bad, on the contrary, the most successful people are usually those who worked hard to get where they are.  When work becomes a compulsion, thats when trouble starts.  When work becomes something done not out of Continue reading

Is a Nomadic Lifestyle for You?

Is a Nomadic Lifestyle for You?

A nomadic lifestyle may seem heaven to some of us, it may seem ungrateful, bitter for others. Like everything else in life, being a nomad has its advantages and disadvantages, so let’s review some of the main features of a nomadic lifestyle. A nomad constantly changing places, moving from one place to another. Most nomads have a certain kind of Continue reading

Location Independence, Barefoot Style…

Graham Brown and the Barefoot Family

Location Independence and Choosing Where to Live “In reality, it’s about getting the best out of life. You work hard, you build a business, why not build a life too? Location independence isn’t for those who are fed up with life but those who want a better life, the curious types and the adventurers.”  Says Graham Brown in his blog Continue reading

Is The Law Of Attraction Working For You?

Does the law of attraction really works

Imagine having everything you want. Wouldn’t it be great to have all your dreams come true? Know that you have the power to manifest what you want. This is one of the biggest Life Hacks ever.  Look around and see all you have in your life.  Yes, believe it or not you’ve manifested what you have.  But the interesting part Continue reading