How Events Are Reshaping The Digital Nomad Landscape

Digital Nomad Coworking Camp

by Matthias Zeitler With location independent lifestyles an increasingly popular choice for those looking for an alternative to the mainstream world of the 9-5, the number of people who live as digital nomads is on the rise. There are now thousands of people who travel on a frequent—or constant—basis. The Digital Nomad Community While many digital nomads travel solo or Continue reading

Can You Make Money Blogging?

Lifestyle Biz Model

Is Blogging The Right Lifestyle Business Model For You? This is the question so many people ask themselves, “Can You Make Money Blogging?”  Corbett Barr in his weekly vlog talks about it.  More importantly, he talk about his journey as an entrepreneur.  This is in preparation for a talk that Corbett Barr of Lifestyle Business Weekly gave at the Pioneer Continue reading

What People Share In Social Media


What People Share In Social Media Networks, Statics, Trends, and other interesting subjects, Awesome Infographic! People share many things when it comes to social media.  In this infographic you will see the essence of what they like to share the most and why?  Most people have more than one social media account and it is interesting how they share depending on Continue reading

NOOB Guide To Online Marketing

Noob guide to Online Marketing infographic

Something that took me a long time to learn was how online marketing works. But more importantly was to learn and understand all the pieces that are at play and the relationship with each other when it comes to make online marketing works.  So here is the infographic – “The Noob Guide to Online Marketing.” What is NOOB? NOOB is Continue reading


Freedom is very personal, but encompasses making choices in life. Vagabonding and Vagabond Lifestyles is all about freedom!!!

Shout It…FREEDOM!!! Freedom means many things to many people.  Politically, as having the opportunity to vote for particular ideas, people, or parties which best represent our views.  Closely tied to this is the notion of freedom of speech, where one has the liberty to voice their personal opinion or perspective. Others understand freedom in a financial context, where people seek to Continue reading

How Mobile Technologies Are Changing Travel

We all use it!  Mobile technologies are definitely making research, booking, negotiating and travel in general more efficient and less time consuming than before.  Best of all, this platform is growing and becoming more and more reachable for everyone. Here is an Interesting infographic from Travel Weekly on how mobile technologies are changing travel around the world. Mobile Technology, Where Continue reading

Workspaces for Digital Nomads

Workspace for Digital Nomads is the ultimate term for location-less workers who can set up shop wherever they happen to be at the moment.

Workspaces for Digital Nomads is part of Vagabond Lifestyles This Lifestyle Design represents the freedom to work from just about anywhere.  And of course, to be a Digital Nomad or Location Independence is the ultimate term for location-less workers who can set up shop wherever they happen to be at the moment.  What Are Those Workspace Options Like having a Continue reading

Vagabond Elmer

Vagabond Elmer, Vagabond in Chief at

Great Infographic Application From time to time we like to spice things up and find new ways and new applications that will help us deliver our message to the vagabond lifestyles community. While making some changes to our content delivery system, I found this great LinkedIn infographic application from SlideShare. This application allows me to see my own journey as Continue reading

Should You Bring All Your Gadget When Traveling?

What electronic gadgets should you bring when traveling?

As part of a series of blog post about traveling and travel hacking, one question that always consumes us as travelers is the question of how many gadget(s) ( and by that I mean, electronic equipment) should I bring on the trip? To Gadget or Not To Gadget… Ohhh, that’s the quest? As a Digital Nomad packing the right amount Continue reading

Are You Using Facebook Graph Search 4 Ur Biz?

Facebook Graph Search and why it is so important to your business

If you’ve been on Facebook for sometimes, you should know…actually you must know that “Facebook Graph Search” is one of the most used tools to find just about anything on Facebook. What is Facebook Graph Search Right now, Graph Search is another in a long line of Facebook features designed to suck up your time and productivity.  Even though more Continue reading