Would You Like To Find Other Digital Nomads?


One of the most popular question we get at vagabond lifestyles is;  How can I meet other digital nomads?  or a variation of it, How can I find other vagabonds around the globe?  The vagabonding or digital nomad community is an ever growing community and one of the biggest problems is building relationships with like minded people (other location independent Continue reading

It’s Giveaway Time – JORD Wood Watch

Jord Wood Watch delmar-22-front-angled

At Vagabond Lifestyles we get a lot of requests from vendors to promote their products, but I must admit, the email that I received asking if I would like to review a JORD Wood Watch got my attention. Handcrafted JORD wood watches aim to be eco-friendly, made using sustainable woods sourced from around the world.  They are as just pure Continue reading

How to Find The Right Biz Model For Your Start Up

Configuring Your Biz Model

Here is a follow up story on Noah Kagan’s Sumo Jerky transition into a configuration aka how to find the right biz model – phase. The original article is title “How I grew Sumo Jerky to $10,000 a month.”  As you probably remember on the first article “Get Your Business Started Today!” Noah gives the reason to start Sumo Jerky Continue reading

7 Steps For Fine Tuning Your Online Business

Fine Tuning your biz infograph

Starting a business is just the very essence of entrepreneurship. But keeping that business going and growing is the very essence of business development. Keeping a business going and growing is all about experimenting, testing and fine tuning. This weeks inspiration for this blog post comes from another awesome info-graphic created by James Schramko and his SuperFastBusiness Team. In the Continue reading

Key Elements to Managing a Virtual Team

Virtual Team Info Graphic

Whether you are a small biz or a big enterprise you will need a virtual team to scale your growth. Big enterprise businesses have been forced due to scale of economics to use members of project teams from across various global locations and have them communicate virtually via Skype, e-mail and videoconference–thereby saving both time and money.  But here is Continue reading

Around The World in 5 Minutes

Vagabonding around the world the 18th Arm Temple

If You are still thinking about vagabond living here I found some really cool videos of some faulks vagabonding and bring out the essence of slow traveling and culture immersion around the world.  If this doesn’t motivate you, then I guess your hopeless! Just kidding! Let’s start with Alex Chacon of The Modern Motorcycle Diaries where he travels the world Continue reading

A Trip Of A Lifetime!

Rving across USA

By Ileana Garcia In 1997 we started planning to go on a trip around the USA on an RV. I remember my husband planned the budget and how much money we were going to need for the trip. We were waiting for me to finish my Masters degree to take off on the road. Well, May of 1999 came and Continue reading

How To Travel Hack Your Next Stay


Not to long ago my daughter traveled to Denver Colorado and stayed at an AirBnB host location and for the next few weeks she raved about the experience. Travel hacks is one of my favorite topics. I personally am a fan of hostels, but my daughters experience made me think about the new possibilities of travel hacking using AirBnB’s. Then Continue reading

Best Checklist for any Biz with an Online Presence

james-schramko of Super Fast Business

Or Best Online Biz Model for that matter! I just went through  James Schramko SuperFastBusiness – 7 Part Business Profit Training Course (its free if you opt in) and it is fantastic!  Any business person and bloggers with or without experience will appreciate his insights. He Reveals How To Increase Traffic. Get More Sales And Build Your Valuable Online Asset. Includes Continue reading

Is College Your Only Alternative?

Student Loans Defaults

How brainwashed are you? In this society “go to college and get a degree” is been pushed so much that seems that there is no other alternatives. I take a lot of slack from my peers because I advocated alternatives instead of going straight to college. I told my kids, “you go to college when you want to study what Continue reading