9 Jobs For Someone That Loves To Travel

The best jobs to get when you have been bitten by the travel bug 

9 Jobs For People Who Loves To Travel

Feel like being in a different city every night? The jobs listed below maybe just what you need to start living your wandering dreams .Everyone has had that feeling of just wanting to quit their boring mundane desk job and just go on an infinite vacation, it might seem hard to believe but there are jobs out there that involve a lot of travel and don’t involve you being part of a large energy sapping corporate .The article below is how you can live, travel and explore all while you earn money to keep your adventure going.

For the more adventurous readers you could even go to your dream destination and then find a job. A great job search tool is Neuvoo .The website has over sixty countries listed on it and numerous jobs in each of those countries so no matter where you go you should have no trouble finding a job.

For those who would like to have a job that involves travel here are some good options to explore.

I will start the list of travel friendly jobs with the job that should be a no brainer on this list. But fair warning, these jobs aren’t all about sipping cocktails on a different beach every afternoon they take dedication and tireless effort like most other jobs.

Pilot or air staff: Maybe we should get the obvious one out of the way .This job definitely means being in a different city every night or at least very often as now some low cost carriers prefer to have their pilots and other staff fly back to the city where the carrier is based to save on hotel room costs .However still a great option especially if you manage to land a job with one of the larger carriers.

Super tutor: This is one that is a fairly new on the list and one very few people have heard of and even fewer have the skill and the mind set to do on a day to day basis. Super tutors are like regular tutors but are the few exceptional ones that can make students grades jump two levels in a matter of months no matter how distracted or stubborn the student might be .You might ask who hires super tutors? The answer is simple ,the super wealthy .Billionaires are often willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money for personal tutors to teach their students and since the world’s super wealthy often travel you will too (all expenses paid ) if you can manage to get their children the grades it takes to get into Ivy league universities .

Ski, snowboard or surf instructor: This one is just an absolute dream .Ski and snowboard instructors are often paid a good sum of money and often charge by the hour, more over after the season ends if you wish you could go back to a more financially rewarding job or if the travel bug has bitten you bad enough you could travel the other hemisphere and continue teaching.


There is nothing more relaxing than being paid to work on the beach .It is always summer is some part of the world and being a surf instructor is probably a dream job for many .

Wildlife photographer: This one is definitely for the more hardened traveler ,being a wild life photographer practically gives you an excuse to travel to any country in the world in the name of work .This job however does require immense discipline as getting that award winning shot doesn’t exactly happen on your first day of the job .

Disc Jockey: Well if you asked a bunch of guys on the street one in probably five would say they are some kind of DJ .The great thing about this is music is pretty much a universal language making the boundaries of landing a job anywhere in the planet very easy. You should probably find the right balance between having an international appeal and adding your own flavor to stand out from the millions of others holding a laptop and oversized headphones calling themselves DJs. Courses are not that hard to come by either and are often no longer than a few months .

Hotel and cruise ship Staff: If something a little more corporate if for you then maybe this could be a great option .Though dealing with people‘s complaints doesn’t seem very glamourous, high-end hotels can be located in some of the most exotic destinations in the world .You would probably be working weekends and long hours depending on your position but if you don’t mind heading to your local bar or having a night out even when it’s a Monday then maybe this is for you. Cruise ships are definitely not for those who get home sick but that probably won’t happen as the entire crew normally goes to one of the many nightclubs onboard as soon as their shift is over.

Travel Guide or tour coordinator : If you speak multiple foreign languages and you don’t mind repeating the same rehearsed speech several times a day this is probably for you .You would definitely get to meet people from all over the world at tourist destinations which could be great .Do watch out as these jobs tend to be seasonal .


English teacher: You are probably reminded of the days you gave your high school teachers a tough time however now more companies’ need people with good command over the English language to train their staff which probably means working fewer hours and getting paid more than if you were teaching at a school.

Working from home : I know this sounds like the complete opposite of job that requires you to travel however most people who work from home only need their laptops and maybe their phones .A Wi-Fi connection is available at any coffee shop anywhere in the world making working from home ironically a great way to travel .

Remember that unless you love what you’re doing you’re probably not going to like it no matter how much you travel so always pick a profession that you like! Anyway thank you for reading and happy travelling!

Written by Manvendra Kikkeri . Manvendra is a student of hospitality obsess with travel ,food and sports . “I would love to hear from you and feel free to find me via facebook @manvendrakikkeri

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