9 Vagabonding Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Vagabonding Takes a New Meaning

When people are asked what would they do if they won Lotto the most common response after “paying off the mortgage” is “travel the world”. It’s such a romantic and luxurious dream, writes TV Personality, Journalist and Avid Traveller, Shelly Horton.Well, what if you made travelling the world part of your job? It is possible. So here are ten other different types of globetrotting careers. Some are obvious (cheers, Travel Agent careers), while some jobs that involve travel might surprise you.

Source is taken from the original article written by Shelly Horton : 9 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel | Open Colleges

9 Vagabonding Jobs

This article provides you with Job Ideas that may not necessarily serve the digital nomad community, but they are definitely legit and awesome alternatives for those who want to make a living while traveling.

  1. Maybe you will love to be a Travel Journalist
  2. How about a Flight Attendant
  3. Perhaps you want to combine politics and travel.
  4. Or maybe become a teacher
  5. You can also help families take care of their kids
  6. Do you like Cruises?
  7. Helping others through non-profit organizations
  8. Maybe music and art is your thing
  9. Or to be a travel tour guide.

In this article, the author provides a range of ideas that goes from taking photos and journaling your travels to those who love teaching and caring for kids abroad.  If you are not into computers but love to work with people there is definitely room for you in the vagabonding workforce around the globe.  To learn more go to 9 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel | Open Colleges


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