And Then Shift Happens!


If You want to change your universe you need shift to happen in your life!

For shift to happen you need to change your beliefs. This is an article written based on Niall Doherty, blogpost titled The Shift. Actually this is one of my favorite topics and I was going to write about this topic this week when in my email this article popped up.

There is no reason for changing unless you want change in your life. Change will not come to your live until you make the mental shift. At that moment when you decide that you had enough and you decide to do something about, then change starts to happen.

Don’t focus on what you need to do or how to do it! Trust me, the answers will come. Just stay in that state of vibrational harmonization where you want the shift to happen. Then start visualizing your new life with all the joy of knowing that it is here for you to enjoy. Again just visualize with zero expectation and you will see that little changes start to happen.

Here you will see what happen to Niall when he decided to change his income level (and please watch the whole video which is about 11 minutes and full of insights), but in reality this applies not just to your income level but to everything in your life.

Niall is one of my Vagabond Stars, someone that I’ve been paying attention to for sometime now. Niall quit his 9-to-5 job in November of 2010 and have since become a self-employed vagabond, pursuing his passions and helping other people escape mediocrity while traveling around the world without flying.

You can read about him on his blog –Disrupting the Rabblement. Niall start by saying ” I’ll probably lose a few of you with this one.” ” It was 3am and I was sat with my laptop on a rickety chair atop a shitty mattress. The furniture arrangement had me as close as possible to a rusty ceiling fan, the moving air keeping my skin below boiling point and the mosquitoes at bay. I’d checked into the Regal Hotel the previous evening, thinking it the best of all the cheap accommodation options I’d scouted in Chennai’s Egmore district. Eight dollars a night, and, as I was soon to realize, overpriced at that.”

Then he goes on, “I lay there for an hour. Sweating. Seething. This is my life, I thought. In mind if not in pocket, I was too poor to pay for a decent bed tonight, and so I suffer silently in the shittiest hotel on the subcontinent. After an hour, I’d had enough. An unforgettable resolve took hold of me. I’d been fumbling around in my brain for several weeks already, looking for a switch to flip. I got out of bed and started packing. Sick of this scraping by shit. This ends now. I’m getting the fuck out of here. It was just after four in the morning when I got to the front desk. Sat behind was a balding man in a dirty white vest, zombified by a tiny television across the lobby.” “I’m checking out.” Click here if you want to read the rest of The Shift.

So then he check out of his shitty life and started to enjoy his new life.

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