Call for Digital Nomads Around The Globe

The first academic study on digital nomadism is on the way!

By Yoana Petrova

There is no shortage of material on how to be a successful world traveler. And for most, the secret is Digital Nomadism (DN), or working remotely. With over a billion such workers expected by 2035, there are currently however no formal studies on the psychological demands of the lifestyle it entails and more specifically, the personality types best suited to it. This poses uncertainty for prospective nomads as well as their employers in engaging with this increasingly present lifestyle. My research at University College London thus aims to resolve this issue.  It will be an honor if you take few minutes of your busy schedule and help with the survey!

Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Social media provides a good barometer for DN’s increasing presence: the biggest DN Facebook page has 30,000 members for example- and is growing rapidly. There are websites to find DN work and even an unofficial DN academy. A community to stay, with my research I will define the personality characteristics that guarantee maximum satisfaction and productivity for those with the opportunity to work as digital nomads. This information may then be used by prospective nomads and employers alike to assess whether DN is suitable for them.

Thus, I am currently looking for people with DN experience. To ensure my study is as comprehensive as possible, I have designed an anonymous online survey with fellow researchers at University College London that takes approximately 15 minutes to fill out. I kindly ask you to partake in the survey if you are suitable and also share it with others to increase our reach.

After filling in the survey, you will have the option to receive the research paper upon its completion at a date expected no later than Autumn 2017. An important step forward towards better understanding and safely promoting this upcoming lifestyle choice, your response will be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the study: 

Yoana Petrova, is an Undergraduate Psychology Student, University College London

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