9 Vagabonding Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

9 Jobs for people who love to travel

Vagabonding Takes a New Meaning When people are asked what would they do if they won Lotto the most common response after “paying off the mortgage” is “travel the world”. It’s such a romantic and luxurious dream, writes TV Personality, Journalist and Avid Traveller, Shelly Horton.Well, what if you made travelling the world part of your job? It is possible. Continue reading 9 Vagabonding Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

9 Jobs For Someone That Loves To Travel

9 Jobs For People Who Loves To Travel

The best jobs to get when you have been bitten by the travel bug  Feel like being in a different city every night? The jobs listed below maybe just what you need to start living your wandering dreams .Everyone has had that feeling of just wanting to quit their boring mundane desk job and just go on an infinite vacation, Continue reading 9 Jobs For Someone That Loves To Travel

Love My Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Digital nomad lifestyle commute -at the office

Yes, I love my digital nomad lifestyle! The beauty of this “Vagabond Lifestyle” is that I can work from anywhere! This is a quick blog post where I shows you why I love vagabonding.  The key is to travel where I want to and when I want to.  Here I am traveling to a historic site of Puerto Rico where Continue reading Love My Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Workspaces for Digital Nomads

Workspace for Digital Nomads is the ultimate term for location-less workers who can set up shop wherever they happen to be at the moment.

Workspaces for Digital Nomads is part of Vagabond Lifestyles This Lifestyle Design represents the freedom to work from just about anywhere.  And of course, to be a Digital Nomad or Location Independence is the ultimate term for location-less workers who can set up shop wherever they happen to be at the moment.  What Are Those Workspace Options Like having a Continue reading Workspaces for Digital Nomads

Vagabond Elmer

Vagabond Elmer, Vagabond in Chief at VagabondLifestyles.com

Great Infographic Application From time to time we like to spice things up and find new ways and new applications that will help us deliver our message to the vagabond lifestyles community. While making some changes to our content delivery system, I found this great LinkedIn infographic application from SlideShare. This application allows me to see my own journey as Continue reading Vagabond Elmer

My Favorite Vagabonding Sites

Links to my favorite Vagabonding Sites!

Our Vagabonding Essence If you’ve been following for sometime you will realize that our vagabonding community is made up of those who are  already living the vagabond lifestyle and those who want to transition into this lifestyle.  For some people this represents the life of a “Digital Nomad, Lifestyle Designers, Location Independent, Novo Rich, Vagabond Living, Vagabonding, Nomadic Lifestyle, Suitcase Entrepreneur, Continue reading My Favorite Vagabonding Sites

Location Independence, Barefoot Style…

Graham Brown and the Barefoot Family

Location Independence and Choosing Where to Live “In reality, it’s about getting the best out of life. You work hard, you build a business, why not build a life too? Location independence isn’t for those who are fed up with life but those who want a better life, the curious types and the adventurers.”  Says Graham Brown in his blog Continue reading Location Independence, Barefoot Style…

Super Duper Jo!!!

Jo Barnes

One of my favorite Vagabonds and definitely a Superstar in my book.  I present to you Jo Barnes. A while back when I was researching my options to start a community or not, I came across one of Jo Barnes’ blogs, and it was like an answer to my prayers.  Basically she lead me into the path of starting this Continue reading Super Duper Jo!!!

Nomadic Matt The Travel Blogger

Matt Kepnes

Matt Kepnes, a Vagabond Star, better know as Nomadic Matt has been traveling the world since 2006. Grew up in Boston, as he stated in his blog he was never a big traveler and actually didn’t take his first trip overseas until he was 23. His first trip was to Costa Rica when his first vacation as a corporate man Continue reading Nomadic Matt The Travel Blogger

Natalie Sisson The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson is originally from New Zealand, but also a citizen of the world. As she states in her bio; “Whatever you want to call me, I am officially a Suitcase Entrepreneur on a mission to create freedom in business and adventure in life for you and 100,000 entrepreneurs by 2020.” A digital nomad, an adventurer and a huge fan Continue reading Natalie Sisson The Suitcase Entrepreneur