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Cody McKibbenOriginally from Sacramento, California, Cody is now living the internet lifestyle, working remotely from a number of different locations, living the location independent lifestyle, and consulting and mentoring on anything from social media to web design and development. Today he is the Dean at Digital Nomad Academy and run his blog, Thrilling Heroics. In his own words Cody’s mission is “to liberate you from thinking traditionally about work, help you pursue your own exciting entrepreneurial career, build a remarkable lifestyle, and make a positive difference in others’ lives.”

The Wake Up Call

After two of his best friends passed away in 2004, Cody felt like life kicked his ass and prompted him to have a wake-up call that most of us get later in life. And that is to understand that life is too short to waste it!

In his blog’s biography Cody said; “In 2006 I shook hands with Warren Buffett, made friends with A-list blogger and NYT best-selling author Ramit Sethi (who happens to be from my hometown), and somehow managed to find myself in a sort of mentoring relationship with Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and multiple-time author Rajesh Setty. I realized that nobody is out of reach.”

“I decided that building my own business(es) and working on my own terms, on the projects I choose—even though it’s hard as hell—is way better than taking orders and making somebody else wealthy.”


Cody started out as a web developer – but much more than just building websites, building businesses on the web – and consult with remarkable entrepreneurs about their marketing, sales funnels, and product creation. He helped built a few businesses, launched a few products, and collaborated on building communities, including some of the following:


Cody built relationships with clients across five continents and was already working remotely, and decided to make a huge life change, so in November 2008 quit his job, moved abroad, he went location-independent and moved to Thailand, setting the trend for many Gen Y’s lifestyle design bloggers to follow.  Based himself in Bangkok was able to explore all over Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Bali. After moving abroad he has been traveling all over the world.

Coddy in Thailand

Among the many trips and adventure he’s volunteering with kids in Thailand, as he said “One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had has been traveling to these nurseries and orphanages across Thailand with Dwight Turner from In Search Of Sanuk and volunteering our time with kids in need.”

Among his must rewarding and memorable travels, a few stands out, first a trips to Krabi province, where he stayed in lovely Railay Beach with two friends. He met new traveler friends and adopted a Thai family. He discovered incredibly cheap accommodation, sail a longtail boat, dance the local poi dancing, and feed monkeys on the beach. Then in March 2009 he lead to Cambodia & Angkor Wat, where he visited Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh and then went to Siem Reap to see the ancient temple ruins at Angkor Wat. There he watch the sunset at the temple, took some stunning/eerie photos of the ruins, and had the special opportunity to witness a Buddhist monk ordination ceremony atop the summit of a steep temple.

His blog Thrilling Heroics has grown and evolved in leaps and bounds since 2006: It’s  been ranked among the likes of Tim Ferriss, Chris Brogan, and Chris Guillebeau as one of the top 10 Digital Nomads to Learn From, and have been a recipient of the Wake UP! Award for his blog. Thrilling Heroics blog is also one of the Unstrapp’d Top 30 Young Entrepreneur Blogs of 2009 alongside Neil Patel’s QuickSprout, Andrew Warner’s Mixergy, and Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

The Digital Nomad Extraordinaire

In the following video he share his 4 Hour Workweek success story—all the goals I’ve accomplished, the great, weird things I’ve done, and places I’ve traveled—since using the lifestyle design concepts from Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Workweek.

Cody is a true Lifestyle Designer that a lot of digital nomads look up to him, including myself in that long list. Because of the need from others to learn about this lifestyle design on becoming a digital nomad, Cody and other friends created the Digital Nomad Academy.


The Digital Nomad Academy’s vision is to see a world where people are happier in their careers, doing work they truly care about, with more time freedom and more flexibility to travel and live where they choose, and the goal with Digital Nomad Academy is to be a part of that societal shift by helping our students build sustainable businesses for themselves.

For more information about the Digital Nomad Academy -Click Here!

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