DESK.WORKS A Coworking Solution For Digital Nomads

Coworking Solution For Digital Nomads

 Being a digital nomad is a wonderful experience. However, it also brings along many challenges. It requires tremendous discipline, great planning, and sometimes a decent place to work. Coworking Solution? Of course – you can work wherever you are. But why choose a cafe if you can work at a place that can be more beneficial?

Coworking is all about the people

The value of coworking is in the relationships, far more than the resources. The first time you step into a coworking space, you realize that you are not alone. You’ll meet people that are just as passionate and driven as you are about their own business goals – and many of them are facing the same challenges. In just a short amount of time, you’ll have a network of people that you could instantly ask advice from – on anything.

In the coworking environment, people are very protective of each other. There’s a lot of support because everyone is in the same boat.

Coworking can save your time

As a digital nomad, your time is precious – so saving time where you can is essential. You can save time by using new resources and apps that you’ll learn about from your new coworkers. Also, acquiring new skills from people around you might come in handy as well. Since you’re all facing similar challenges, chances are someone in the group has found some kind of a solution – and a lot of times that solution can be found in your own backyard. Coworkers are into the goings-on in the city – and you instantly become part of the group that’s “in the know” about events and happenings.

Coworking can fit all your needs

Whether you need a desk for only a few hours or a conference room for a meeting, whether you want to work with your dog by your side or bring your child along and are looking for a kid-friendly place – coworking spaces have it all.

If you enjoy the convenience that state-of-the-art offices offer but don’t have the cash to pay for it, a coworking space may be the right solution for you. You’ll have access to copiers/scanners, fax machines and possibly even freelancers willing to help. Because it is a shared environment, the costs will be far less than a private office. You also won’t be forced to sign long leases and you’ll maintain freedom and flexibility.

It’s important for you to quickly find what you need. You need the right tool for that. DESK.WORKS is an application that will help you find your dream workspace in almost every place in the world. Every digital nomad should consider using it. Don’t you want to find out how it works?

by Vagabond Elmer, founder and curator of the Vagabond Lifestyles blog, a community for those people interested in living a simple, economically sustainable, and nomadic lifestyle.

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