Doing What You Love

EnlaCimaThis will be a series of articles titled “Doing What You Love.” This new revolution of becoming a Vagabond Lifestyle designer is all centered not in working for a living but just living while doing the things we love. Part of this dilemma is generating income or getting access to resources that will help us accomplish the traveling, paying bills, eating, clothing, shelter, partying, etc.

Doing what you love can take many forms;

  • Specific Career
  • Volunteering
  • Education & Training
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hobbies & Pastimes

As John Bardos in his article “The End of Work As We Know It” puts it “The fundamental question is whether or not having a job is still a necessary part of the human condition. The idea of employment is only a few centuries old, and I believe it’s outliving it’s usefulness. We are already seeing a shift to higher levels of permanent, structural unemployment and this is only the beginning.” He finish that sentence asking the question “Are we still going to have jobs in the future?” From my angle I think that more and more we are walking away from the concept of having jobs into what I like to call “Doing What We Love.” The word “Job” will still be in the dictionary but it will be consider archaic like the industrial age or Feudalism.

Don’t get me wrong there will be plenty of jobs out there, but there transformation of humanity as more and more millennials fill the planet there will be two types of individuals, those that follow their conscious and are aware of their full potential and those that…, how can I put it, say this… just won’t! There will be those in the pursue of their happiness and those that will just live someone else life (like keeping up with the Joneses).

I keep referring to the Millennials because I found a level of awareness in this group that it is very difficult for the generation X’rs and the Baby Boomers to comprehend. I found an article that sort of put this aspect of Job in perspective with the Millennials, check it out “Millennials Running Away From Corporate America.”

In the next few article I will give you examples of Vagabond Lifestyle designer doing what they love. In the mean time, here is an article to wet your appetite “Want to Be a Digital Nomad? Five Careers That Let You Work From Anywhere”

Written by Vagabond Elmer, founder and curator of the Vagabond Lifestyles blog, a community for those people interested in living a simple, economic sustainable, and nomadic lifestyle. Please take a moment and comment below.

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3 Replies to “Doing What You Love”

  1. Thanks for linking to my article Elmer.

    I think you're exactly right here. There will be plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities for creative and proactive individuals.

    Sadly, I feel the majority won't follow their conscious and won't live up to their potential. I believe the latter group will increasingly be automated or outsourced out of the work force. People who don't think or care are becoming more of a burden than a benefit to businesses.

  2. I started to see this phenomenon happen already, specially with those Boomers that lost their career jobs, a good percentage gave up and are waiting for some sort of social assistance.

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