Doing Work that Makes You Happy!

Scott Dinsmore wrote a totally awesome blog post about getting started in finding your purpose and acting upon it. I want to share this blog post with the Vagabond Lifestyles Community, the titled The Beginner’s Guide to Doing Work that Makes You Happy.

I am part of Live Your Legend Local wich is a local meet up of people that follow what Live Your Legend blog and Scott Dinsmore profess. If you are not part of this movement I highly suggest you to be part of it. Even if you are following your dreams and loving what you do, this movement (in my humble opinion) is changing the world and the way a lot of people go about their lives.

Scott Dinsmore

Scott starts by saying that most people think (specially those that feel trap in their own lives) and would say that this idea of “Doing Work That Makes You Happy” it is all great but it is not going to work for them and it surely might work for others, but their situation is “different.” Scotts goes even further and said “It’s a very dangerous script. And sadly, the world hears it a lot. It’s probably the most common defeatist and negative response I get from people who hear about the work we do at Live Your Legend. And as it turns out, it’s the real reason most people don’t go through with the things they care about. They find some way of convincing themselves that they’re special.”

As Scott points out we all have the same problems…

  • No time
  • No money
  • No discipline
  • No family support

… and the list goes on!

As much as people like to think they are different, well they are not! The “Live Your Legend” blog and the community will help you remove those barriers, if that is what you want of course.

In the guide he talks about;

  1. Making the big decision before you quit.
  2. Understanding Fear and what is really at risk
  3. Discovering your motivations
  4. Finding the work that you love
  5. Building your brand and creating a movement
  6. Getting rid of your “Toxic” relationships and surrounding yourself with inspiring people
  7. Getting it all done.

This is a must read, so take the time to check out The Beginner’s Guide to Doing Work that Makes You Happy. blog post.


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