Don’t Let Long-Term Travel Ruin Your Career

overseas_job_assignmentLong-term travel for an entrepreneur or business owner is different than a career builder. For most entrepreneurs and business owner the only thing keeping them from long-term travel is their habits.  For career track people is different.  It takes more than just a habit check, and here you will hopefully some answers.  Entrepreneurs, normally are either workaholics or think that the business can’t run or be sustained without them there, but we will leave this talk for another article.  Here we are going to discuss those individual who work for someone else and are what I call career track.

Long- term travel is the hardest thing to do for most people building a career wanting to travel long term. In good conscience, can you really take time off to travel long-term without ruining your job prospects? If it is not a sabbatical mid-way through your career, taking time off is rarely regarded kindly by the office, especially in USA where vacation is seen as compromising your career. And if you decide to jump ship and travel, then when you are back to continue your career, you may encounter that a prospective employer may see this gap as a question of whether you will be reliable now and into the future, thinking that you may quit at any moment without notice and go travel again. Aside from all the obvious questions, how can you keep building your career and long-term travel. Here are some suggestions

Volunteer with high-profile and sometimes paying organizations such as the Peace Corps and CUSO which will pay all your expenses (plus a stipend) to volunteer your expertise around the world. Depending on your skills, you may even find a position that is related to your career. These are resume-worthy experiences, ones that will incite curiosity, and often respect (Even if you’re volunteering for a small organization or just in trade for free accommodations, ask your volunteer employer for a reference letter). This can demonstrate a wide variety of skills, and says that you are flexible, responsible, and committed — even when traveling. (Don’t forget to list volunteer experiences on your resume.) You can also check sites that will find you volunteering jobs related to your career such as Project Abroad Pro.

Of course don’t discount finding asking your boss if could do your job as a telecommuter (away from your office) or if the company that your work for has jobs abroad. Other sites that you may inquire for jobs abroad related to your career are;


Another is to teach English abroad.  By teaching English abroad you can not only travel (living in a foreign location and using it as a base), but you can earn some nice cash on top of your subsidized accommodations. This can address any cash flow requirements you might have at home while you’re away long-term.

This article was based on an article written by Nora Dunn as it appeared in the

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