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William Ha was working as a lawyer when a tough job market made him consider a career change. Like many of us career change is what lead us to Coding. Becoming a coder leads to a lifestyle design change.

I can’t tell you how many times I get ask the question, how do you make a lifestyle change? How do you become a vagabond lifestyle design or digital nomad lifestyler?  The answer leads to the same no matter what path you follow.  In this particular case I want to showcase the lifestyle and career change of William Ha.  From Lawyer to Coder.

Coding and becoming a programmer is all about learning the skills and putting the hours.  For example, when studying object-oriented programming, it took Ha months before it finally clicked. There’s simply no way around it but to put in the hours. It may seem difficult for a beginner to believe, but by the time you put in your 600th hour coding, a lot of things will just make sense in your mind, and muscle memory will kick in.  Is not hard is about patience and practice

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It’s all about knowing which field you want to be in and putting the hours to develop the skills.

Like William you can get started with coding at Codecademy, and started down the path that led to his becoming an iOS developer.

His story is an inspiration to those looking to make a change in their lives. Are you ready for something new? to read the rest of Ha story and how find out what coding can do for you!  just click on From lawyer to iOS Developer | Codecademy to read the full story.

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