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Gustav Modern NomadMeet Gustav, born in Ljungby, Sweden, lived in London where he studied Computing at Imperial College, then he went on to work for UBS, “one of those big evil banks everybody hates these days” as he states. There he started as a coder and work his way up to IT manager.

After working the 9-5 cubicle job for five years, he realized that like most people was slowly stagnating into a “comfortable routine” (short for starting to live the boring life)— In his blog bio, The Modern Nomad, he states that it is a personal nightmare of his. So he decided to quit his job, sold his flat, walked away from all and began his new life as a modern-day nomad. Today, as he wonders the world as a digital nomad he works full-time as a software developer for GT/TR, where can work while traveling.

Like many Vagabonds or so call Digital Nomads, the nomadic life is an experiment. For Gustav like for many of us we find some lingering questions that sometimes seem too overwhelming; Can you live a full life without a fixed address? Can you work and keep strong relationships as a nomad? Will you go mad living out of a backpack or a suitcase? Is the freedom of the road real or simply a lie?

As he say in his blog bio, “I strive towards a dynamic and multi-faceted life. I love to sample new aspects of the world. This drive to explore life is my defining personality trait. It underpins my love for travel, which has taken me to less common destinations such as Jordan, Siberia, the Nevada Desert (Burning Man) and Iran.”

Gustav at Burning Man

In the Modern Nomad blog he states that his mission statement is “To explore how a modern nomadic life can best be geo-independent, sustainable and eudaemonic.”  Gustav wants to make his blog a resource to serve the nomadic community both as a source of practical information as well as inspiration. He goes on and said; “Over time, however, I have drifted towards a secondary mission statement, “To inspire people to actively choose how to live their lives, and to make that choice with bravery and passion.” His intention is to inspire people to reach a little further, think a little clearer and live a little more excitingly.

For a selection of recent writing credits and more on Gustav profile, please check out The Modern Nomad blog.

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