How to work from home or most everywhere successfully.


Here’s 16 tips for making working from home far more enjoyable and productive.

Source: How to work from home successfully.

Event though in this article Neville Medhora of Kopywriting Kourse explains his pros and con of working from home (or remotely for that matter).  This can also apply to digital nomads no matter where you are at.  As a digital nomad or vagabond lifestyler you need to be able to accomplish productivity without distraction and here Neville goes into some of his hacks:

  1. Use Ear Plugs
  2. Headphones can become really practical as well
  3. Use Self Control App
  4. You must have newsfeed eradicator
  5. White Boarding surface to dump your mind
  6. Office supplies always at your finger tips
  7. Fun Toys…nough said!
  8. Must have a 3rd Place
  9. Book collection that makes you an expert in your area
  10. Sit/Stand Desk, Very Ergonomic
  11. Desk lighting will help you with video conferencing and video chats
  12. Sticky notes to collect ideas or to dos
  13. Co-Working Parties to Entertain
  14. Coffee Shops to Work and Network
  15. Co-Working Space, another great place to work and network
  16. Caffeine Source
  17. Schedule and re-schedule


There you have it!  Great tips to make of your working environment one that provides you with tons of productivity.  For the full article (which I recommend you read; Source: How to work from home successfully.

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