John Bardos The Jet Set Citizen

John Bardos JetSetCitizen

John is the founder and chief blogger at Based on his biography, he believes that “we live in a time of unparalleled opportunity to create any lifestyle we choose. We can live, work and play anywhere we want in the world. A global lifestyle is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. It is within grasp of anyone willing to embrace adventure and break from dated definitions of how we are supposed to spend our lives.” he also adds “that a meaningful and purposeful life comes from contribution and connection. You don’t need to keep upgrading your fancy cars every two years. You don’t need a bigger house or a nicer summer cottage. Stop consuming things and start experiencing life. Jet Set Citizen is about those living the new lifestyle.”

When I was doing my research on putting together a blog for the Vagabond Lifestyles Community I came across Jet Set Citizen blog and not only it inspired me to move forward with the project but also gave me the confidence that there was a need for sharing the philosophies of living simply, economically sustainable and nomadic lifestyles.

John have been living abroad since 1997, and blogs about creative thinkers who are succeeding in creating better lives for themselves and others on paths less travelled including his own. His believes that real success requires hard work, so he despise get rich quick schemes or marketing hype. In 2009 John and his wife made a one year plan to change countries and careers. In 2010 sold a successful business and their possessions including house and car, move out of Japan and went on to live a nomadic travelling lifestyle.

John states, “There is a clear and growing movement in the world: People are starting to realize that old concepts of work, play, and success do not really satisfy any longer. The idea of working hard for 40 odd years to save money and get a secure life, so that you can enjoy retirement is no longer acceptable for many. We live in an age of amazing affluence and abundance: why shouldn’t we enjoy our lives now?” And was born. “Jet Set Citizen is NOT about driving Maseratis in Monaco, it is about volunteering in Venezuela. It is about learning something new to improve the lives of people around you. It is about embracing humanity and experiencing the world with your fellow citizens. It is about being fortunate enough to live in a time of unprecedented opportunity.”

 Jet Set Citizen Manifesto

I highly recomend everyone to subcribe to Johns and specially read “Digital Nomad Life Reinvention.” and 4 Years of Location Independence.

by Vagabond Elmer, founder and curator of the Vagabond Lifestyles blog, a community for those people interested in living a simple, economically sustainable, and nomadic lifestyle.

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