Natalie Sisson The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Natalie Sisson is originally from New Zealand, but also a citizen of the world. As she states in her bio; “Whatever you want to call me, I am officially a Suitcase Entrepreneur on a mission to create freedom in business and adventure in life for you and 100,000 entrepreneurs by 2020.”

A digital nomad, an adventurer and a huge fan of Ultimate Frisbee-Here at the World Beach Ultimate Championships in Brazil where they won gold.

World Beach Ultimate Champs

Also-Smashed a World Record for Dragon Boating across the English Channel with the Sisterhood.

Dragon Boating World Champ

Became a Body Sculpting Champion and competed at Nationals.

Natalie Body Sculpting

Also participating as living art, where she bares it all! 😉

Natalie Body Art
As you can see Natalie want to live life to the fullest and spare nothing, living with passion and encouraging other to do the same, a true inspiration.

Natalie on her own

After getting two business degrees she join the corporate world and and spend 8 years at it mastering marketing and business development skills.

In 2008 she quit the corporate world and head to Vancouver, Canada where she co-found a technology start up FundRazr, which is now the number one fundraising application on Facebook. She also started a blog to chart her journey as an entrepreneur and to learn from other amazing women entrepreneurs. As she explain; “I knew deep down that I had a message to share with the world, and many lessons to teach to inspire others to go after their own dreams and start building a business and life they love.”

In April 2010 and She decided to take what had become an overriding passion in her life, and turn it into a business. In December of that year, She rebranded the blog to The Suitcase Entrepreneur to better fit the niche she was crafting, now for both men and women wanting freedom in business and adventure in life.

 How does Natalie run her profitable mobile business?

As she states on her blog The Suitcase Entrepreneur she built her business primarily consisting of nine revenue streams, that have organically grown as a result of her blog growth and brand building and are all aligned with her business goals:

  1. Digital product and program sales – you can see the suite of offerings here
  2. One-on-one and group coaching – you can find details on how to work with me here
  3. My exclusive Highflyer Club for established entrepreneurs
  4. My Adventure Mastermind Retreats in Spain and New Zealand
  5. Events like my Build Your Online Business Workshops – this world tour in 2014 is pretty damn cool.
  6. Compensation for recommending products, programs and tools I adore (affiliate marketing and other cool win-win ventures)
  7. Podcast Sponsorship with awesome companies that I am proud to align with
  8. My No #1 Bestselling Suitcase Entrepreneur book and;
  9. Paid speaking gigs around the world!

In her recent book “The Suitcase Entrepreneurwhere she put together a collection of stories and information that helps entrepreneur find their niche. The name of the book comes because she spent several years living out of her suitcase while running her own business on the road. Her book is all about that, she shows you jhow she did it, and how you can do it too.   From how to pack to where to go to how to start your own business, she shares her experiences in a way that’s easy to understand and inspiring to read. A must read!

Suitcase Entrepreneur
by Vagabond Elmer, founder and curator of the Vagabond Lifestyles blog, a community for those people interested in living a simple, economically sustainable, and nomadic lifestyle.

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  1. I saw this reference on one of Natalie’s post and want it to share…
    If you are DOING but still not getting results, it’s likely you have a SKILL SET problem more than a mindset problem.


    If you are THINKING, but not DOING (meaning not taking any real action in your biz other than thinking about your business), then you likely have a MINDSET challenge that is holding you back from implementation.

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