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Our message is simple: To live a life of simplicity, sustainability and nomadic style. To accomplish this you first need to remove the barriers that hold you back and give yourself the opportunity to be happy and live the life of your dreams.  At Vagabond Lifestyles, we hope that by sharing stories of other vagabonds and providing your with the tools and resources you will be able to build your very own blueprint start your very own journeys and remove the barriers that are holding you back from accomplish this awesome lifestyle.  As you will see in Vagabond 101, vagabonding refers to living a nomadic life, a life of location independence.  In other words you are making a living using the means of the internet, and you are doing it from anywhere in the world.

Our motto (and the tag-line of this community) is: To Help You Build Your Very Own Blueprint for a Simple, Economically Sustainable, and Nomadic Lifestyle!


A Bit About The Vagabond Lifestyles Blog

The Vagabond Lifestyles Blog is a platform establish where we as a community can curate, gather stories and provide resources to our vagabond community (those who are living the lifestyle and those who want to transition into it).  VagabondLifestyles.com is meant to be a knowledge base sharing platform where we can all share our experiences and learn from each other, so we can avoid the mistakes that have already been made and those of us that do not have a blueprint yet on making the jump to a new lifestyle can do so.

The target reader of this blog is someone who is tired of the rat race that is living the “American” dream and wants to live life in their own terms. Simply, you wants more out of life.  More refers to more financial sustainability, more freedom, more flexibility to be able to enjoy more time doing the things you love doing, being around the people you love being around with, and to travel the world.

This blog discusses a variety of topics divided in three major sections;

  1. Vagabond Blueprints & Lifestyles – This section covers what it takes to live the life of a vagabond and the stories of those that are already in this path.
  2. Vagabond Toolbox and Gear – everything under the sun that you may need to achieve the lifestyle that you want, from books, to productivity and income resources, to links and product reviews, etc.,
  3. Travel Hacks – this is where you will get to experience everything about traveling from stories related to locations, to photos & videos, to stories from the field.

My beautiful picture

Meet Vagabond Elmer…

Hey there my name is Elmer Diaz.  Vagabond in Chief of this newly develop “Vagabond Lifestyles” blog. Married for a long time to the same wonderful woman (I’ll get in trouble if I say how long), got two wonderful grown kids as well as awesome grand kids. Born and grew up in the island of Puerto Rico. Then went to college in United State, and finished a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a law degree.  In addition to formal education I am considered a serial entrepreneur – starting and running many business ventures.

I am a book worm that loves good readings and a passionate traveler who loves learning and find fascinating other cultures (not to mention the food of those places).

My Entrepreneurial Bug

entrepreneurStarted early in my life, I recall selling postcards door to door when I was around 8 years of age. Then my business ventures grew bigger as I became older, by age 14, I established one of the first Skates and Surf shop in the island of Puerto Rico.  Then, off to college to start another phase of my life, as I was working on my degree in Engineering Technology, I’ve worked on different entrepreneurial ventures that provided me income to pay for college and travel.  Then graduation and started working for a leading Electrical distribution company in Houston Texas.

In the early 90’s I considered venturing on my own and traded engineering for the field of finance. Then I decided to narrow the financial field to real estate. I grew into a leadership position in the field and I was dubbed the “Ricky Ricardo of Real Estate,” I have been investing and running businesses for most of my young and adult life. After the financial melt down in 2008 I started to dabble with On-line-businesses and Internet Marketing, adding that to my already diverse world of business ventures.

My Travel Bug

TravelingPetI’ve never been able to sit still, so at an early age I developed the travel bug.

This started when at early age my parents took the whole family on trips around the Island of Puerto Rico.  These open up my eyes to other places and other ways of living.

As soon as I reach the age of 16 year old, I got my driver license and started traveling on my own.  First where trips to ride skateboarding and surfing to other towns on the weekends. Right after graduating from high school I decided to explore US (first trip abroad) and learn to speak English (which I learned real fast that we do not speak English in US, we speak “American”).

While in college I bought a 1970 VW bus and that became my camper and my reliable travel vehicle.  Then got married, got kids, but always took time to travel with my young family and in 1996 my family and I decided to take a month to travel in a small recreational vehicle (RV) through out Florida, and needless to say, we loved the idea of RVing so much that in 1999 we started to travel the entire US and some parts of Canada for almost 2 years.  Traveling the country was the most enriching vagabonding experience we’ve ever done. People ask me; “what did you do about school for your kid during those years?” My answer; “We trailer school them!”

Then in 2001 we settled in a small town in the State of Montana because of the beauty and the outdoor lifestyle that Montana provides. But the travel didn’t end there…

My Vagabonding Ventures

LifestyleAfter the financial crisis of 2008 I took a serious look at my ventures, lifestyle and my bucket list (what was accomplished and what wasn’t), and that’s when I realized that the only thing that it is important in my life is to be “Free and Happy.” To me being free and happy is to spend more time in places that I like and work on project that are really fulfilling while maintaining a financially sustainable life.

To seriously pursue this I realize that I needed to simplify my life even more (get rid of crap and pay off debt).  To provide the income needed to support my lifestyle I needed to create a sustainable business model, one that provided me full control of my time and my income regardless of the weather or the economy (working on projects that are in control of bankers, investors, or other people it would never bring you the stability needed and they could be gone in a blink of an eye, same as working on a job for someone else).  This is when I was lead to look at the Internet and on-line-businesses.

By studying others on the same path I realize that I needed to build a sustainable business model that could bring into my life the necessary income to provide me and my family with the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere and to pursue the nomadic lifestyle I wanted.

With these new philosophy in mind I started to work.  Then I realize that there where more people with similar thoughts and that is why Vagabond Lifestyles was born. To provide the growing community of vagabonds a platform that will collect, curate, and help all of us create a blueprint for a simple, sustainable, and nomadic lifestyle.

Happy Journey… and Remember to get your Blueprint!

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