Vagabond Living Manifesto

Vagabond Living is more than just a lifestyle – it’s a journey.

We live in a global world, global economy, needless to say a global way of thinking. After MTV and the World Wide Web we have to thank Social Media platforms that brought us closer to family members, old friends and people around the world.

As we reach out to a global community we have to point out that closer to home, we live in a community that is full of chaos.  Some will said that the problems that we are facing as society is because of this globalization.  Others will point at the fact that because of the high speed that our society live in and the microwave results (wanting instant results) that are expected, have fragmented or created a disruption of the family concepts and the family values.  Divorces are rampant, Kids don’t talk to parent, but they willingly talk to a cyber friend or friends that they’ve never seen before.


Total Chaos, Total Disruption

Today in the business world there is no loyalty or trust. It is survival of the fittest (wisest and best negotiator).  Companies fire and hire, there is no retirement packages to look for, it is how much of my time is needed and how much am I worth? The “American” dream of working for a top company, retiring and living a secured life is not there anymore.  The old values are gone!

In the world of chaos and disruptions there is no “Model” to fallow, no structure to implement.  No predicament base on past experience or history.  Chaos is managed by chaos.  Chaos brings instability, and for most people, instability is today’ OK way of living.

It all sounds terrible and you may feel that I’m being pessimistic, but that is not my intention here, and this should not be a cause for fear. We shouldn’t be afraid of these changes, but rather prepare for it by becoming more self-reliant.  Those who are prepared will survive, thrive, and be well-positioned for the enormous opportunities that await.

Now these chaos and globalization has brought one way of thinking and interpreting what is going on.  Seems that you are on your own and that you are all alone.  Even though it seems that everything is very individualistic, that individualism is based on a collective thinking.  You are not alone! Today is truer than ever the popular say “Collective Individuality.”

Now, there is a group that has been around for a while but now more than ever is getting louder and with more recruits as the days pass. It is a group of individuals that want to be free and happy in the middle of this chaos.


A New World Emerge.


Imagine a life where all your time is spent on the things you want to do. Imagine giving your attention to a project you create yourself instead of slaving away to enrich someone else. Imagine that those projects have a way to provide you stability and sustainability.  Imagine that not only you have the opportunity to do and work on what you want, but also you have time to spend with your friends and family and time to travel the world.

Most of the time we can’t explain why we like to travel the world.  We can’t listen to the ignorant that feels that the world is an unsafe way and we should stay put in our homes.

We want to be out to see the world, to absorb their culture, to learn new languages, to eat their food, smoke their cigars, drink their coffee and exotic beers as well as expand our consciousness.

These group of people (probably like yourself, definitely like myself) want to live a life that is simple, sustainable and nomadic.  We are the new Vagabonds!


A Vagabond’s Believe;

I believe that there are three major pillars for the vagabond lifestyles foundation;

The first pillar is Self-Reliance and I believe in;

  • adopting the attitude of continue learning
  • being
  • living simply
  • investing in meaningful relationships connecting and collaborating with others.
  • reducing my dependence on stuff so that I may truly love all that’s been given to me and create a better world for those around me.
  • walking lighter by carrying less baggage.
  • that I won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind, because there will be nothing to leave behind, but memories and great relationships.
  • freedom and happiness of the individuals
  • mastery of the physical body, emotion and mind can lead to mastery of life
  • feeding the soul with dancing to good music
  • the spirit of places and things
  • order to be a well-rounded person, one with a healthy understanding of the world and all that goes on within it, one must be open minded to foreign ideas.
  • always be bettering yourself and always be moving toward a better lifestyle. In order to do that, you also need to be constantly reevaluating who you are, what you care about, and what your goals should be.

The second pillar is to build a Sustainable Model to run our lives, and we will do so by believing in;

  • building a business model that work for you and provides you the freedom that you need and want in your life.
  • that there’s more to life than soul-sucking 9 to 5 jobs that has no real means to and end and provide no real sustainability for once lives
  • living now rather than saving for a future you may not have.
  • that retirement is a myth that corrupts the mind and soul of individuals
  • a Nomadic Life Income
  • creating value and exchanging it for the value other people create.
  • that You don’t start a business that can’t sustain itself, otherwise that business is a burden, not a value-provider.

Third and last pillar, I believe that a Nomadic Lifestyle has the power to transform lives;

  • I believe vagabond lifestyles can build global bridges on a human level, and can inspire individuals to go beyond themselves.
  • I believe in hacking travel and living like staying at a 5 star hotel only paying at 2 star price
  • When it comes to travel, the take it slow and do your best to integrate into that community is the way to go. And that may means to rent a flat, going to the grocery store, and doing all the other things locals do. This means to do your best to be a local, at least as much as is possible for the area. The value in this is in better understanding where different ideas come from: why other cultures see things differently than I do, and trying to see the world from their angle.

If you believe in some of these things, then come along with me on this journey and lets make our very own blueprint to realize our own Vagabond Lifestyles…


Your Vagabond Blueprint Starts with these 12 steps;

12 Step Sun Salutation


  1. Know who you are. The better you know yourself the more likely you are to do work that matters.  Simple as that.  Study your strengths, know your weaknesses, identify your values, define your success, learn the things that excite and those that terrify you.
  2. Attachments will drag you down.  You will learn that most of the things that surround your live they may not necessarily are things (or stuff) that you don’t have any use for any longer.  You only keep stuff around because they have an emotional value that you carry.  Go to your closet, I’ll bet you that there is cloth hanging in your closet that either doesn’t fit you or that you haven’t use in a very long time.  Start living a more simple live by clearing out some of your excess baggage.
  3. Realize you’re already free.  Freedom doesn’t come from huge financial achievement or the ability to live in some little hut over a Tahitian lagoon.  Go out and survey the average guy rolling in cash and I bet you’ll find them to feel a lot less free than you think.  Freedom in it’s purest form is the ability to choose the way we interpret what happens to us.  We can either see life’s occurrences, good or bad, as reasons to pursue what matters or excuses to sit on our ass.  The choice is yours.  Start acting like it.
  4. Constantly seek adventure and explore.  Nothing adds more clarity to most of life’s confusions than seeing new things.  Get out and explore foreign worlds. Spending too much time in one environment makes us feel like that’s the only way.  I assure you it’s not. Notice how different cultures do things differently.  Whether it’s seeing a town across the world or across your state, adventure has to be a priority. Your mind will never be the same.
  5. Learning and and trying new things.  Constantly experiment with new people, jobs, projects and experiences.  Without experiments we’ll never learn anything.  Without learning, we’ll get nowhere.  Consider your life a series of experiments- big and small. Always be testing.  Learn like crazy. Read books, take courses, work with experts, do it all.
  6. Take notes.  Life is not meant to be passive.  Keep a file, notebook, journal or blog of all you learn and experience along the way.  The things that fire you up, the things that scare you, the lessons, the people, the huge dreams you have, all of it.  The more we can get things out of our head the more likely we can make them reality. Have a weekly or daily routine.  Record all you can.
  7. Make a map. Build a blueprint of those things that you want.  Some people call this a “bucket list,” I like to call it your blueprint.
  8. Act on what you learn. Life is to short for procrastination.  Life was meant to be act upon, so don’t waste a minute of it and start taking action on what you’ve learned today!
  9. Be authentic. The world is run off personal connections.  No one wants to connect with someone who’s fake. Know who you are and aren’t and be open with those around you. People’s B.S. meters are much too high for anything else. Make genuine connections.
  10. Pick your circle of influence wisely.  This is the holy grail.  The people around you create who you are. If they inspire you, you’ll be inspired.  If they depress you, you’ll be depressed.  Those around you absolutely must dream as big or bigger and have as much passion or more than you do.  There’s no time for those who don’t support doing the things that matter to you and the world.
  11. Model after those that walk the walk.  For just about every lifestyle choice there is likely a handful of people who’ve already done it.  Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to.  Find the people who live the life you want to live. The one’s who’ve experienced the dreams you’ve always had.  Find the models. Take note of the good and the bad.
  12. Welcome change. How else are you going to get to where you want to be? Change is going to happen no matter what, so you might as well get used to it. Adopt these beliefs and you can be sure the change to come is for the better.

None of the above matters if you don’t get out and actually do something with it.  It’s not just about finishing a book, reading a blog post or having a chat with a wild new person. The magic doesn’t happen in the learning.  It happens in the action you take as a result. Learning is an important step, but it’s more important to take action.  When in doubt, do something… Anything!  It’s time to get rolling.

Never grow complacent, go ahead and climb the pyramids, join some of the many volunteer organizations around the world, learn and teach other languages, develop a sustainable living communities around the world.  Don’t ever forget that your live was meant to be lived.  Be a Vagabond!


Now your turn – Give us your thoughts…

I may publish the content here but you all make this community what it is.  I take comments very seriously, respond to all of them and often include your ideas in future articles.  Please share at least a sentence and add to the community. It goes a long way.

What beliefs do you live by?  What do you need help with?  Leave it in the comments.  I’m here to help however I can.

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  1. I believe that you should do right by you and make sure you’re able to live a happy life. I also believe that we should help each other along this journey as much as we can. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Right now I’m figuring out how I will be able to support myself. I have 2 years left at University, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to stay focused on the subject matter. I feel like I have some of the necessary skills to go into the work force, and anything else I’d need I could teach myself. I’m just not sure how to get started.

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