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We welcome comments and stories about living simply, sustainable, and nomadic lifestyles…


Guest Bloggers Welcome-Tell us your stories and thoughts!

This blog was created with the purpose of curating and gathering
information on the lives, journeys and where about of those who live
and those who want to live a simple, sustainable and nomadic lifestyle.
Is our intention to collect and bringing you the very best in various
topics such as the vagabond living (topics ranging from mind set,
health, personal finance, entrepreneurship, businesses and careers), to
travel stories specially those that are quirky, luxury, foodies, and
offbeat travel, We also want to hear about tools and resources to make
a transition and to sustain the living of a nomad.

We’ve also enjoyed interactions with friends and readers through social
media and email too if you don’t feel like writing an article. We
appreciate all those conversations and interactions, the bottom line,
is I don’t want to miss any conversations with our community – with our
readers – with you!

I look forward to hearing from you – via email, social media, blog
articles, or commenting here on Vagabond Lifestyles!

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  1. The Adventures of Space and Hobo tells the story of Ken’s vagabond life after Vietnam. It explores the on-the-ground confusion and chaos of the Vietnam War and its effects on a generation, and those who served. Named Space by a new friend, Hobo, Ken and his traveling companion hit the road to partake of all the possibilities of that generation in search of adventure and uncharted experiences, living as vagabonds.

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