Vagabond 101

What is a Vagabond?


vag·a·bond [vag-uh-bond]

Part of a nomadic group: a vagabond tribe.

Certain simple and minimalist characteristic: vagabond habits.

Having an uncertain or irregular course or direction: a vagabond voyage.

Actually when I was doing my research to bring this blog alive, I ask every day people what came to their mind when I mentioned the word “Vagabond”?  And it was interesting to hear the answers that I’ve got. The wide spectrum of answers went from “vagrants” to people that don’t care about life (living without responsibilities), to people without a home that moves around a lot (Homeless).

Even, according to the American Dictionary “a Vagabond is a person without an obvious source of income who wanders from place to place.”

But when I ask that question to real vagabonds they all answered very similar to how Vago Damitio puts it in his blog, “Since the 20′s the term has been used to describe a type of travel that doesn’t break your budget and that generally brings one into contact with local people, cultures, and landscapes.”

VagabondingVagabond 101, by definition vagabond means: moving from place to place without a fixed home.  As today’s vagabonds become more sophisticated and connected you will also hear other terms that are thrown around such as; Digital Nomad, Traveler, Location Independent, and more likely they will have a “home base,” and love to travel for months at a time. The commonality is living simply, sustainable, and love to travel for extended period of time.  Great book to get you started is “Vagabonding”


Vago also went into more details about the history.  The following is taken for his blog; “Harry Franck, a pioneer in cultural travel without giant budgets such as those provided by organizations like the National Geographic Society wrote numerous books about his travels on every continent.” (To learn more about Harry, you can click here).

“In the 1960′s American Ed Byrne set out to explore not only the USA but also Europe and North Africa with a very low budget and a desire to get to know the people.  His books and down to earth writing style inspired people like my parents generation and those who followed after them to spend more time than money.  Ed is the original slow traveler (To learn more about Ed, click here.)

“During the 1990′s and 2000′s some of us were inspired by Harry, Ed and those greats who came before us to hit the road and learn to travel in a different way than most people were doing.  Not just the backpacker trail which had consisted mostly of hippies and dope seekers in cheap places like Thailand and Eastern Europe, but to really see the world and get to know the people in it.”

As written in …more or less!

Why would you like to be a Vagabond?

Why would people like to be “Millionaires”?  Why would people like to be Famous?  The answer to this questions lie in your upbringing.  What did your parents teach you?  What did you learn from friends and family?  Who else had influence in your formation?

No matter what the answer is you will find that more likely you are living someone else dreams and way of living.  If you are here, chances are that you want to change all that or you already did.  You want to change your definitions about life you want to create a different lifestyles for you and your family.

There is a wonderful movie that talks about these realities that most people are living, “I Am Fine, Thanks” it is an indi movie that portray through interviews how most people grew and got into a place where makes it real difficult to make changes in their lives.  They did all of what society expected of them.  They got the good job.  They bought a nice house. They have all of the toys they need.  Yet, at the end of the day, most of them feel unfulfilled, uninspired, or even miserable.

This is going to sound cliche, but most people are so caught up in the rat race that they have to “stop working for a living and start living.”  You have to step out of the comfort zone and start living, take your freedom back.  Chances are that you believe with what is said here, if so, You want to design a lifestyles that is simple, economically sustainable, and more likely has the freedom to spend time with the people that you love, travel and explore. And that my friend is more likely why you want to be a vagabond!

Click here to check a recent article on Vagabonding

What Takes to be a Vagabond?


Vagabond 101, first and must important is the willingness to give yourself the opportunity to get rid of the golden cuffs.  You are already thinking about it, that is why you are here.  Second with the information and stories that you will read and listen to in the Vagabond Lifestyles Blog will inspire you to build a map, a so call blueprint that it is unique to you.

Don’t just jump on the first thing you see, rather keep a journal and divide that Journal into three sections;

  1. Self-Reliance. This is about you understanding yourself as a person. Exploring the things that makes you tick.
  2. Businesses, Jobs or Careers. This is about the different models that will help you take control of your career, business and personal finances.
  3. Lifestyle. Here is where you will focus in all the external components of you life. Such as where to travel to, list of tools and resources to have, etc.

Every time you read an article, or an interview, or see something that you really like to attain, own, or have, you will go to your journal (could be digital as well) and you will write it down or copy and paste (I like to do both).  Some people call this a “sectional bucket list.”

When you start doing this your mind starts to work, your head wheels start spinning, as you will learn in the self-Reliance section (Vagabond Blueprints) that when you focus on a new lifestyle it will start manifesting in your live.

After you start crafting your journal then take time to refine what you really want in your new lifestyle, also look for those areas of conflict.  For example You want to have a home base, but You will like to travel 12 month out every year (this happened to me) well it is not practical to pay two mortgages unless you want to.  Going back to your journal and re-defining what you want to accomplish is essential.

Let’s explore each of these three areas a bit more;

 Vagabond Self-Reliance

Some of the things that I will mention here you probably heard many times and may sound like a broken record but spare my preaching for a moment because this is very important for you to grasp.

We start by asking ourselves what is success in life?  This term has been debated for centuries. I think we can agree that success, for the most part, is subjective.

Success is Happiness! In its most diluted form, success is our desire peace in our lives. Its that feeling of security.  The pursuit of happiness is the basic drive that motivates us to achieve success.

Some people mistakenly perceive success to be the accumulation of money.  This is Ego blinding you. Lack of continued consciousness of the ego relegates us to being its slave and, as a result, we also become a slave of what it produces.  How can anyone be happy with the fears constantly plaguing the mind?  So in reality to be successful is to be free and happy!

The pursuit of happiness its a paradox, however, it is the pursuit that negates its experience.  Happiness is not the by-product of all these conditions, it is the source! People put their attention on the wrong things and that’s why happiness eludes them.  If you are happy, the right person will find you, Money will find you, and the right job, careers, or business will find you.

Happiness comes first, and you experience it by giving it away.  It is already within you, waiting for the moment of experience.  From this point we will deeply explore how other vagabonds experience life, relationships, wellness, doing what they love, personal finances and more in their lives, so then we can take what we want and build and act upon our very own blueprints to achieve true freedom and happiness in our lives.

Vagabond Incomes?

Let’s define the types of income first; Active Income comes from direct effort as a business or trading time for money or some other value. Then there is passive income (my favorite).


Here I will steal Pat Flynn’s (someone that I highly recommend you read his blog) definitions about passive incomes from Smart Passive Income website

“In order to build reliable passive income streams, we must first understand exactly what the term passive income really means.

There are many different definitions of the term, but below is what most Internet entrepreneurs are interested in, and what I talk most about here on SPI:

In other words, we make money without having to “trade” time for it.  We invest our time upfront, rather than spend it.  We work hard now to continually reap the benefits later.  I literally wake up in the morning and see new sales transactions in my in-box, because my businesses are working for me – not the other way around.”

Another person that I highly recommend is Tim Ferris and his book “The 4-Hour Work Week.”  These book, in fact, is must read for anyone that will like to attain the Vagabond Lifestyle.

TimFerrisIn the Sustainable Models section of Vagabond Blueprints we will explore some of the most common models that will provide you ideas on how to build a business or career that will totally sustain your vagabond lifestyle.

Vagabond Living?

This is the adventurous and fun part.  Most of us got the travel bug at an early age and it has a hold of you and and isn’t letting go.  Most of us got side tracked for many years trying to have what most people call a “normal” life, I am of course talking about…

  • A good steady job (is this even real today?)
  • A house ( of course it comes with a mortgage payment)
  • A car ( more likely will come with payments as well)
  • More stuff than you knew what to do with
  • And of course credit card and other debt (because we realize that this way of living requires more money that we make)

Most people call that normal life the “American” dream, we just don’t realize that it comes with the list mentioned above.  Once you are in it is when you realize that all that is crap that you don’t need.  Then we start thinking how can we uncluttered our live and pursue a simpler and more fulfilling life.

This more simpler and fulfilling live is the live of our vagabonds.  You will have the opportunity to meet a lot of them through this blog. The main purpose of this blog is to give cohesiveness to this growing community of individual that are tired of the so call normal life and want to take matters in their own hands.  The only problem is that we don’t have a clear understanding on how to go about it.  This community will provide you just that.

This community will provide you stories and resources that will help you build your very own blueprints for the lifestyles that you’ve wanted.  A lifestyle that will provide you the tools and resources to minimize and simplify it from where you are.  A lifestyles that will provide you the tools and resources to either take complete control of your career or create a business or a movement that will provide you the physical and economic means to “Live your Legend” as Scot Dinsmore will say.  And a Lifestyle that will provide you the tools and resources to take your life on the road and travel the world, experience other cultures, living a life of adventures

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Happy Journey! 

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    • I’ve been a Vagabond since birth. Literally. Lol. The only difference, my parents settled down and have a normal life while I’m still a Vagabond. Even though people look at it in disgust. I’m proud of it. I love my lifestyle. Been to many states and countries and still have more places to go, people to see, cultures to absorb. Cheers!

  1. I’d love to receive a copy of the report. I am serious about starting this lifestyle and could use all the tips and tricks I can obtain!

    • You are on! Check your inbox and verify your subscription and you will get access to the rousources

  2. I am bored to tears with the so called normal life, but admit breaking free is a challenge I have no idea how to initiate, especially with a toddler. Any suggestions?

  3. I would be so interested in getting in touch with other like myself. I’ve been doing this for over 3 years now, started in Iceland last year ended with me leaving Morocco, nye in the desert outside vegas, I love it but long to meet others. Ive been lucky enough to afford to bring people along when i find someone but ive not met other true vagabonds.

    • Understand your sentiments! Lot’s of folks that start the journey of location independence or digital nomad, what I like to call vagabond lifestyles, start because of the same frustrations that you may be experimenting. My suggestion is to start by following our suggestions in the “How to Start” page. But if you still have any questions about your journey, please contact us via email.

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