Super Duper Jo!!!

One of my favorite Vagabonds and definitely a Superstar in my book.  I present to you Jo Barnes. A while back when I was researching my options to start a community or not, I came across one of Jo Barnes’ blogs, and it was like an answer to my prayers.  Basically she lead me into the path of starting this community and blog, the Vagabond Lifestyles Blog.  That is why I call her the Super Duper Superstar!

Jo Tag Line

When she started, like may entrepreneurs she follow the shiny object syndrome and end up with too much on her plate and most of it not generating the income that she wanted.  In the last few years Jo had narrow down her niche and today she focuses on great & proven traffic and lead generating strategies, money making tips and a boat load of inspiration to get you moving! (her words) She runs two sites, Jo Barnes Online where she runs her Video Blog (show) in which she interview other stars in the areas of Mind, Money and Marketing.

As I said she is a strong believer of building community (one of the reasons I like to follow her) and maybe no-one else believes in your “online madness” like she does and that is why she created “Online Marketing Addicts” a community of like minded people.  I highly recommend you follow both her blogs.

Online Marketing Addicts

Jo’s mission is “To help YOU, achieve your business and life goals as quickly as possible while having FUN!”

Another reason she is my super hero is her ideal of wanting to give you the opportunity to make better choices by helping you make more money, more time and more passion!  This is in alignment with the Vagabond Lifestyles Community which helps you through blueprints and stories like this one, to attain a simple, economically sustainable, and nomadic lifestyle.

At the moment Jo lives in Phuket, Thailand with her 6 year old daughter and partner (who also works in the business with her).  She started travelling in 2010 and chased the sun for the last 3 years around Cyprus, Australia, Spain, Malaysia, Aruba, Indonesia, Singapore, Finland (not much sun there!), Malta, and Thailand… more to come!

She also adds, “In all our travels, we kept returning to Phuket which quickly became our first love and so for the time being we decided to stay here for a while. But we still have a lot of places on our list!”  I just wonder why Phuket?

Phuket Thailand

And a picture of her office;

Jos Office

Phuket its fracking gorgeous!!! Thats Why?

Beginning of Jo’s Online Marketing Career

Began her online business in 2010 in order to find the freedom to travel (she got bitten by the digital nomad bug).  It took her 7 months to make her first sale online! But once she broke through quickly began to generate anywhere between $200 to $1000 a day. Then in April 2011, some 13 months later had her first 6 figure week, generating over $117,000 in 8 days.


Jo CB-launch-figures

But one thing Jo makes clear, her career really took off when she discovered Facebook in August 2010 and then spent the last 2 years specializing in Facebook and Social Media traffic.  Today you will find her across all the major platforms – Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, and growing.

“I have to tell you – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I do!  This is the most amazing win, win, win, career in the world!”

In Jo’s Own Words;

Win No 1. “I get to help people change their lives! Financially & Emotionally. There is no greater thrill than knowing someone now has the opportunity to make better choices in their life because of skills I have taught or inspiration I have given. It’s the best feeling in the world!”

Win No 2. “I get to do it from anywhere in the world! As long as there’s an internet connection, I’m good to go!”

Win No 3. “I get to live the life I want to live by helping others live the life they want to live! How’s that for win win!”

Online Marketing is About Working Hard, Really Really Hard!

“Sorry to tell you that, but online marketing is just like any other real business, it takes vision, perseverance, tenacity, determination and a willingness to work your bottom off!”

“BUT, if you’re prepared to put the work in, the pay off far outweighs anything else out there (I know I’ve been an employee and an offline Business Owner). This business gives you flexibility, freedom, a global marketplace and it’s FUN!!!”

Here is an awesome Interview by Carole and Ivan VanEyre on March 2011

Here’s some random fun facts about Jo, so you can get to know her better;

1. Went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef for my 40th and swam alongside a reef shark. (Thrilling!)

Jo N Wally

(Clearly this is not a reef shark, but I didn’t get a pic unfortunately. This is Wally, he was gorgeous!)

2. Bungy jump when she was 24 from a 180ft crane in Faliraki and LOVED IT!

3. have a deep ambition to be a helicopter pilot and have had about 10 lessons so far.  She hopes to achieve this ambition over the next 12 months.

4. Ran a seminar in 2009 called Make It Happen in 2009 and abseiled down the side of The Sheffield City Hall to promote it. Here’s the video – I hope you like Wonder Woman!

5. Addicted to 80’s tunes and build sales pages while listening to Grooveshark and drinking red wine.

6. love being a Mum! “My 6 year old is absolutely gorgeous and we are both lucky to have the most fantastic partner & Dad in my lovely fella. He’s awesome and I’m biased! :)

Jo Family Trip

7. Passionate about contribution and one of her ambitions is to build an orphanage in Thailand for the many homeless and abandoned kids over there.

Jo’s Last Words of Wisdom

Is it scary? — Yes!

Does it take hard work? — Yes!

Will you have to move out of your comfort zone? — Yes

Will there be moments when you could quite happily throw your computer at the wall? — DEFINITELY!

Can you do it? — ABSOLUTELY

Can you really earn a living online? — If I can do it — YOU CAN!

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