A Quick Guide to Meditation

Quick Guide to Meditation

Most people find this subject to be sort of esoteric and controversial, but let me tell you, I found it to be very dynamic and powerful in my life. Meditation is part of Self-reliance, simple, but yet super dynamic and the results are spectacular. You can use meditation as a tool to help with health issues or just to to Continue reading A Quick Guide to Meditation


Victorious Vagabond

Quit asking everyone else how you should live your live? If you want true freedom you needed to take complete responsibility for every facet of your life and start crafting who you really want to be, not what everyone else’s want you to be, but truly who you really want to be. self-re·li·ance noun 1. reliance on one’s own powers Continue reading Self-Reliance


Intentional Universe

Life is full of turns, events, surprises and just crazy shit! Is it? I think not, its all about synchronization and serendipity. Here are some excerpts of a fascinating story by Minesh Bhindi, someone that I started to follow and respect. From the moment I heard him talk in a webinar totally unrelated to the subject matter, I thought, hum Continue reading SERENDIPITY?