Tools for Digital Nomads: a Home in Your Backpack [Inspired by ProductHunt]

Digital Nomad Backpack

Tools created by nomads for nomads. Be in your element wherever you go. Source: Tools for Digital Nomads: a Home in Your Backpack [Inspired by ProductHunt] What Tools Do You Need As Digital Nomads? All you need for life and work is in your backpack!  A digital nomad works from anywhere.  You will find digital nomads everywhere.  The only thing Continue reading Tools for Digital Nomads: a Home in Your Backpack [Inspired by ProductHunt]

My Favorite Vagabonding Sites

Links to my favorite Vagabonding Sites!

Our Vagabonding Essence If you’ve been following for sometime you will realize that our vagabonding community is made up of those who are  already living the vagabond lifestyle and those who want to transition into this lifestyle.  For some people this represents the life of a “Digital Nomad, Lifestyle Designers, Location Independent, Novo Rich, Vagabond Living, Vagabonding, Nomadic Lifestyle, Suitcase Entrepreneur, Continue reading My Favorite Vagabonding Sites

Top 5 Tips To Traveling With Kids and Enjoying it!

The Unstoppable Family

“I get the Vagabond Lifestyles and I dig it, but how can I do it with kids on tow?” This is a question that we get asked a lot. Well here is an awesome article and video with the top 5 tips on how to do it from Rhonda Swan of the Unstoppable Family. In this video Rhonda gives us Continue reading Top 5 Tips To Traveling With Kids and Enjoying it!

Would You Like To Find Other Digital Nomads?

One of the most popular question we get at vagabond lifestyles is;  How can I meet other digital nomads?  or a variation of it, How can I find other vagabonds around the globe?  The vagabonding or digital nomad community is an ever growing community and one of the biggest problems is building relationships with like minded people (other location independent Continue reading Would You Like To Find Other Digital Nomads?

Around The World in 5 Minutes

Vagabonding around the world the 18th Arm Temple

If You are still thinking about vagabond living here I found some really cool videos of some faulks vagabonding and bring out the essence of slow traveling and culture immersion around the world.  If this doesn’t motivate you, then I guess your hopeless! Just kidding! Let’s start with Alex Chacon of The Modern Motorcycle Diaries where he travels the world Continue reading Around The World in 5 Minutes

How Do You Start Vagabonding?

Vagabond Elmer

I can’t tell you how many time a get ask this question??? …And the answer is simple, Start Working From Home!  Literally, you start at home. To start vagabonding you need to follow three simple steps; 1) Create a lifestyle design blueprint, 2) Learn how to work from home, and 3) Just Do It! This is going to be short, Continue reading How Do You Start Vagabonding?

Giving Thanks – Thanks Giving!

Dalai Lama in Norway

Are you really grateful and happy with your life? Happy Thanks Giving Everyone! I was riding my bike this morning an feeling totally awesome and happy in what I perceive to be a gorgeous crisp and sunny day. It all felt like floating, then the idea of gratitude showed up in my mind. I am really thankful for my life Continue reading Giving Thanks – Thanks Giving!


Victorious Vagabond

Quit asking everyone else how you should live your live? If you want true freedom you needed to take complete responsibility for every facet of your life and start crafting who you really want to be, not what everyone else’s want you to be, but truly who you really want to be. self-re·li·ance noun 1. reliance on one’s own powers Continue reading Self-Reliance

Quit your job and do what you love.

Jem Gresham Interview

Most people are sick of their regular employment, and I know a lot of you want to be vagabonds and lifestyle designers reading this are still employees and want to quit your jobs and do what you love. But you have questions about the best way of transitioning out into a digital nomad or some form of entrepreneurship or self-employment. Continue reading Quit your job and do what you love.

And Then Shift Happens!

If You want to change your universe you need shift to happen in your life! For shift to happen you need to change your beliefs. This is an article written based on Niall Doherty, blogpost titled The Shift. Actually this is one of my favorite topics and I was going to write about this topic this week when in my Continue reading And Then Shift Happens!