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Travis Sherry

Out of an obsession with traveling and collecting packs of peanuts Travis Sherry started the Extra Pack of Peanuts Blog. An awesome blog if I may say, that helps the vagabonding community travel more, travel frequent by taking advantage of the frequent flyer programs provided by the partnerships between the travel and finance industries.

His adventurous incline started growing up and taking trips from north-central Pennsylvania where he live down to Florida to visit his parents. But according to Travis there was just one little tiny problem, even though he loved traveling he hated flying. The staleness of the airplane air, the popping of his ears, then the inevitable of throwing up gave him the jitters. But there was one caveat to all this, he loved the extra packs of peanuts, to the point that he kept asking for more. I guess we can figure out where the name of the blog came from – LOL!

Even though he hated traveling by airplane he came to realize that to work & travel overseas you must certainly need to get accustom to flying to get there quick, otherwise it was going to be a horrendous overtake.

After finishing grad school he end up taking a job in Switzerland for four months in 2009, that was when he felt afflicted full-on with the travel bug.  As Travis says it “That, combined with a little Dramamine and a whole lot of “manning up”, was enough for me to overcome my disdain for flying, and after I learned I could earn a whole lot of free travel through credit card bonuses, I became a full-on “miles junkie”.”

According to Travis; “Two of my favorite things, finding a good deal and travel, had been combined to form one incredible passion.  Now, I consider a 7 hour flight a short hop and spend way too much time deciding which of my 10 credit cards get me the most miles when buying a 79 cent loaf of bread.”

Now he has accumulated millions of travel miles and traveled to over 22 countries. For work & travel, he teaches English as a foreign language abroad and travel as much as he can. Traveling as he explained brings him the “wonderful experiences such as Oktoberfest in Munich, New Year’s Eve in Sydney, New York, and Paris, scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and eating a cricket in Thailand.” You can’t do this by just sitting in a couch, you need to get out and experience travel.

Trav must certainly qualify as one of our “Vagabond Stars” and in his site Extra Pack of Peanuts Blog you will be able to learn more about him and his adventure.

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