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Imagine a life where all your time is spent on the things you want to do.  Imagine giving your attention to a project you create yourself instead of slaving away to enrich someone else. Imagine that those projects have a way to provide you stability and economic sustainability.  Imagine that not only you have the opportunity to do and work on what you want, but also you have time to spend with your friends and family and time to travel the world.

Most of the time we can’t explain why we like to travel the world.  We can’t listen to the ignorant that feels that the world is an unsafe way and we should stay put in our homes, or we can be out to see the world, to absorb other cultures, to learn new languages, to eat exotic food, smoke other countries cigars, drink their coffee and exotic beers as well as expand our conscious.

These group of people (probably like yourself, definitely like myself) want to live a life that is simple, sustainable and nomadic.  We are the new Vagabonds!

This page will be full of interviews with “Vagabond Stars” that are hacking it.  We will discuss what got them started? How they transition into vagabonds? What kind of sustainable model they use? There way of living?  … their blueprint for a successful Vagabond Lifestyle!

Graham Brown

Graham Brown From Barefoot JournalRecently moved his family to Andalusia, Spain.  HIs story is a bit different that most digital nomads.  He is an accomplish entrepreneur that love to travel but in a different way than most location Independence individual.  He is also a family man and for him safety, health care and education are a most for where he travels on his location independence journey.

He is the “Barefoot” story teller because in his blog and podcast he bares it all, he doesn’t sugar coat his experiences and those of others that he interviews.  In this interview he exposes his strategies for life and business.

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Jo Barnes

Jo BarnesOriginally from England,  At the moment Jo lives in Phuket, Thailand with her 6 year old daughter and partner (who also works in the business with her).  She started travelling in 2010 and chased the sun for the last 3 years around Cyprus, Australia, Spain, Malaysia, Aruba, Indonesia, Singapore, Finland (not much sun there!), Malta, and Thailand… more to come!

In the last few years Jo had narrow down her niche and today she focuses on great & proven traffic and lead generating strategies, money making tips and a boat load of inspiration to get you moving!

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Coddy McKibben

Cody McKibbenOriginally from Sacramento, California, Cody is now living the internet lifestyle, working remotely from a number of different locations, living the location independent lifestyle, and consulting and mentoring on anything from social media to web design and development. Today he is theDean at Digital Nomad Academy and run his blog, Thrilling Heroics. In his own words Cody’s mission is “to liberate you from thinking traditionally about work, help you pursue your own exciting entrepreneurial career, build a remarkable lifestyle, and make a positive difference in others’ lives.”

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Matt Kepnes

Matt KepnesVagabond Star better know as Nomadic Matt has been traveling the world since 2006. Grew up in Boston, as he stated in his blog he was never a big traveler and actually didn’t take his first trip overseas until he was 23. His first trip was to Costa Rica when his first vacation as a corporate man on his first job after college came around.

That Costa Rica trip changed his life. Now wanting to travel more he faces a dilemma, like most Americans they only had two weeks of vacation per year and most don’t know any of the genius ways to save money and travel longer.  That is one of the main reasons he started his blog “Nomadic Matt,” 

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Natalie Sisson

Natalie SissonNatalie Sisson the Suitcase Entrepreneur.  In 2008 she quit the corporate world after 8 years and head to Vancouver, Canada where she co-found a technology start up FundRazr, which is now the number one fundraising application on Facebook. She also started a blog to chart her journey as an entrepreneur and to learn from other amazing women entrepreneurs. As she explain; “I knew deep down that I had a message to share with the world, and many lessons to teach to inspire others to go after their own dreams and start building a business and life they love.”

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Gustav Andersson

Gustav Modern NomadGustav Andersson, The Modern Nomad.  After working the 9-5 cubicle job for five years, he realized that like most people was slowly stagnating into a “comfortable routine” (short for starting to live the boring life). So he decided to quit his job, sold his flat, walked away from all and began his new life as a modern-day nomad. Today, as he wonders the world as a digital nomad he works full-time as a software developer for GT/TR, where can work while traveling. 

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Nora Dunn

Nora is a freelance writer and contributor to many blogs such asNomadic MattWise BreadMy Care One CommunityTransition AbroadVagabondish, and many more. She freelance on the topics of personal finance, travel, and lifestyle design. In addition to freelance writting she also is a public speaker and professional actor/singer/dancer.

Nora Dunn

She is a financial planner and on her blog The Professional Hobo, she instruct folks in the art of traveling full-time in a financially sustainable manner, and she’s done that since 2007.  Nora writes one of the best-known travel blogs on the net. In her blog you will find tips on frugal living, travel tips, travel hacks and a mix of her own stories and adventures.

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Travis Sherry

Travis Sherry

The frequent flyer traveler Travis Sherry.  Out of an obsession with traveling and collecting packs of peanuts Travis Sherry started the Extra Pack of Peanuts Blog. An awesome blog if I may say, that helps the vagabonding community travel more, travel frequent by taking advantage of the frequent flyer programs provided by the partnerships between the travel and finance industries.

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John Bardos

John Bardos JetSetCitizen John is the founder and chief blogger at Based on his biography, he believes that “we live in a time of unparalleled opportunity to create any lifestyle we choose. We can live, work and play anywhere we want in the world. A global lifestyle is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. It is within grasp of anyone willing to embrace adventure and break from dated definitions of how we are supposed to spend our lives.”

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Oneika the Traveller.

Oneika the TravellerShe is a Canadian Expat from Jamaican descent that grew up in Toronto and have been over 68 countries and counting. Oneika is a gal in her early thirties who has an intense passion for travel, culture, and language.

She is an English Literature and French teacher which at the moment is teaching middle-school English at a private school in Hong Kong. She is an aspiring polyglot who speaks English and French fluently, some intermediate-level Spanish, and knows about three to five words of German (according to her own count).

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Colin Wright

Colin WrightOur First Vagabond is Colin Wright.  He is an interesting Vagabond Star that runs a blog titled Exile Lifestyle.  He is 28 years old, author, entrepreneur, and full-time traveler. Every 4 months he moves to a new country and his readers decide where he go.  He’s written a bunch of books, produce a travelogue, write news analyses, and have a free newsletter. and also co-founded a publishing company called Asymmetrical Press.  To read more about Colin Wright just click here

Keith Jenkins

Keith JenkinsKeith Jenkins is another adventurer I admire. When I first joined Twitter back in 2008 (I think that’s when I joined!), Keith was one of the first people I followed on the social network. How could I not? Keith was traveling the world and passionately blogging and tweeting about his experiences. Little did I know that he had just started doing both after burning out of an investment banking career and his career reflection after the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  Click here to continue reading about Keith Jenkins

 Matt Karsen

matthewkarstenMatt Karsen’s Interview as it appeared in  Most people are surprised at how inexpensive a travel lifestyle can be. With a modest and consistent online income, a life abroad is probably a lot easier than you think. This interview with Matthew Karsten, of, is a great case study on what is possible.

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