Vagabond Living, Anyone Can Do-It!

Krabi, Thailand McKibben moved to Krabi, a picturesque province in southwest Thailand. (Thinkstock)
Krabi, Thailand
McKibben moved to Krabi, a picturesque province in southwest Thailand. (Thinkstock)

This blog post is in reference to an awesome article that I read written in the BBC blog (click here to read it). I saw this blog post originally commented in Tim Ferris Facebook Page (One of the most written authors about lifestyle design).

This is a lifestyle that I chose back in 1999. I had a business that gave me the opportunity to travel and work off location. Basically everything started when I took my wife and two kids in tow and traveled all over USA. While on the road I meet Doctors, Lawyer, and many other professionals as well as other entrepreneurs doing the same thing, working in a nonstop vacation, and that opened my mind to this lifestyle. I later got into public speaking and as part of my stories I incorporated the concept of this lifestyles design. My motto was “work where you want to work and live where you want to live”, two separate aspects of your live that can coexist at the same time. The key to lifestyles design is to put “systems” in place, but this is a topic for another blog post.

Today I see more and more Gen Y (Millennials) adopting this lifestyles design, but my message is that this is for everyone that want to treat life like work is a nonstop vacation. In this article they talk about the digital nomad which basically is someone that make his/her living through Internet-based business. But I am here to say that you can have a career and still develop this lifestyles design working in a nonstop vacation. You can read about this in Tim Ferris 4 Hour Work-Week. Now if you are liking to get into Internet-based business then as the article point out there are many options. One great way to learn is to set businesses based on services. “Automated businesses will work amazingly for a while, but it is a much more sustainable long-term solution to fall back on a type of business that offers services,” said Cody McKibben in the BBC article, 29, founder of Digital Nomad Academy. The 250 some members of the Academy pursue occupations from consulting and e-commerce to writing and graphic design.

Read the article “When work is a nonstop vacation” and get a great perspective into vagabond lifestyles and hopefully this will convince you that you can do-it too!

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