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Here you will find the latest information and product reviews in just about every product that vagabonds use, such as; Cameras, Backpacks, Clothing, Computers, and much more…

A lot of the products that you see here are recommendation (or links) to other websites. As part of our fiduciary responsibility with our vagabond community we do check on those links and resources for accuracy and quality, but if by any chance you find a discrepancy or feel you want to add a comment to the review, please do so by emailing us at or commenting down below

Here is the Evergrowing Gear List

Nau Lightbeam Stylish Men’s Travel Shirt

For two years, I’ve been on a quest for the perfect men’s travel shirt. I don’t think I’m asking for much really. It must be: Lightweight Quick drying Synthetic construction Breathable & stays comfortable in all conditions Look like a tailored/dress shirt Wrinkle-resistant Most travel and activewear fits the first four criteria; it’s the last […]

Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera Sling

Over the years, I’ve gone through backpacks once every six months or so. And every successive bag is (thankfully) smaller than the last. Which is how I came to find myself on the hunt for a sling bag – they’re typically a step down in capacity from a traditional daypack. But a good sling balances […]

Icebreaker Men’s Seeker Shorts

We’ve repeatedly praised merino wool as the “Fabric of the Gods” for travelers (notably here and here). And with good reason: it’s lightweight, super-breathable, naturally odor resistant, itch-free (unlike regular wool), fast-drying, plus it stays cool in the heat and warm in the cold. What’s not to like? And no company we know of does […]

eBags Mother Lode TLS Mini 21″ Wheeled Duffel

Frequent US travelers will appreciate the need to pack very light – from both a convenience and an economic standpoint. Sure, I occasionally need to go a bit bigger (shameless plug: on those occasions, I’m still a fan of eBags’ EXO Hardside Spinner which remains the best piece of checked luggage we’ve ever reviewed). But, […]

Drift HD Ghost: Waterproof, Wearable Action Camera

The wearable video cam market has exploded in the last few years. Whether you’re rafting the Colorado River, kayaking off the shores of Hawaii, hiking Kili, or … anywhere doing anything remotely interesting, you can now record it to share with the world. Drift Innovations has jumped feet first into the mix with the Drift […]

ECBC Hercules Backpack: Slim, Rugged Carry-All for the Modern Traveler

We’ve really been digging ECBC’s lineup of backpacks lately. We even ranked the company’s Javelin Daypack among our Holiday Gear Guide 2012: 25 Picks for the Best Travel Gear of the Year. And with good reason: their bags are lightweight, rugged, water-resistant, and very well designed. It’s clear that much thought goes into the layout […]

Phiaton MS 400 Moderna Series Premium Headphones

We review a ton of headphones here at Vagabondish and frankly every pair starts to look a little too much like the one before it. Which is why we love how much Phiaton’s new flagship MS 400 Moderna Series Premium Headphones stand out.

Bracketron’s Universal Travel Power Kit: Breakable, But Indispensable

Cords are a significant annoyance for most gadget lovers, but they’re even worse for those afflicted with twin lusts for technology and travel. The sight of a mass of tangled cords lying in the bottom of your backpack, partly merged with your headphones and a few odd lengths of rope, can be enough to make […]

Carry Speed DS-SLIM: The Best Camera Strap We’ve Ever Tested

For many budding travel photographers, digital camera accessories can seem like an unnecessary luxury. This is especially true of “fancy” add-ons like lens hoods and even camera straps. I admit to feeling much the same way. But after checking out‘s solid line of accessories, I admit to changing my tune. They recently provided us […]

Icebreaker Tech T Lite

The design of today’s outdoor/active/travel apparel is a bit … dull. No surprise really as such clothing tends to be more about functionality than aesthetics. But Icebreaker’s new line of Tech T Lite shirts is an ideal blend of both. They commissioned a collection of guest artists including Ed Hepp and Adam Haynes to create […]

REI Backpacks and Gear – 

I’ve had the same REI backpack with me for the last 6 years and it’s as good now as it was the day I bought it. Their products last a long time. Because the quality has been so wonderful, I purchase all my travel gear through them. 

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